A proximity based social networking platform for the Millennials

Personal Project 2016 | IIT Guwahati

Meetnie is a proximity based social networking platform. It will help you to better manage domestic/household works & facilitates faces to face interaction with the neighbourhood. Meetnei will act as a platform for social planning, sharing, caring and managing.

Background Of The Problem

Too little time, too much to do. These phrases are so often heard and reflect the daily lives of our new generation society. We’re all in the constant move, from jobs, social gathering, appointments with doctors to law consultants, family, relationships, and the list goes on. The busy life, intact with culture and individuals within. These busy schedules turned us from social beings to virtual beings – changing us from interacting face to face to interact on digital virtual mediums. Many of the Indian urban individuals are being disconnected from their neighbourhood similar to what happened in US, Europe and other developed countries. At least to some extent, social networking platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, etc. have changed their perspective and lead to live a life with virtual world of friends.

The Process
Knowing The Users (Primary Research)

I have got interesting insights on how the user – neighbour relationship change according to their living space. Urban society is now constrained to their office and room. Balance between personal – work life are somehow managed but social life is getting decayed or locked in virtual world of friends.

Some Interesting Facts (Secondary Research)
of the Americans admit they don't know the names of their neighbours
*Trulia's Neighbour Survey
of interviewed urban working populations in India don't know their neighbours well.
*Survey done on 50 urban users
more mental relaxation when talking face to face compared to virtual.

Analysis & Ideation

I have mapped out all the data points from the user research into 7 different aspects- Principles, believes, trends, observations, ideas, states & developments.

I have decided to focus on social wellness, daily activities & communities. Extracted out points from all the 7 aspects of the research.

The Framework

One of the idea that struck me was bridging digital media and users daily chores. A solution which is closely related to a users day to day activities and help them facilitate their daily chores. A hook that keep them engaged and support them.


Solution to this problem was not so simple, there have been multiple ideas floating in my mind. Deciding the feature list was a really tough job as the problem statement was broad. Finally with some online research I have decided to make an integrated App with some social and utility aspects. Later, I have created high fidelity prototype for validating the concepts.

Wireframes (Version v1.0)

Detailed wireframes was the first step towards crafting the solution. Here is the glance at the hub & spoke model based navigation that I have tested.

Final Feature List
Requests & Help
Catering to the urgent and non-urgent requests which can be easily solved with the help of the diverse community you are living in. These helps are majorly through call or comment on the App.
Share & Rent
To create more empathy towards the community you are living, you need to create new connections. User vectors like interests, hobbies, daily schedule, work etc. can be used to find better connections. Users who are interested in reading books can connect with each others and share their books. People who commute daily towards the same place can share their ride with others. Someone who wish to sell the delicious home made cake that she/he made can sell that as well.
Activity Planner
One of the important feature of Meetnei which could build better and deep connections between likely minded people. Users can conduct activities like jogging, badminton, potluck, NGO visit, yoga, celebrations ,etc. through this option.
Community and personal reminders are channeled through this feature. Activities can automatically trigger reminders for you. You can put manual reminders and broadcast it to your friends as well.
All the services near your community will be curated through this feature. You can find the contacts, read reviews & call for the service through this option.


Have a look at the final solution after the concept validation and usability improvements.