I am Vysak

I’m a Sr. Product Designer at Swiggy and a part-time freelancer. Previously worked with Myntra, Amazon, Bosch and a couple of budding start-ups. I am fascinated about shaping technology into wonderful product experiences through user-centered design. For me, good design is satisfaction and happiness.

I have been working in the design industry for the past 3 years. I have a bachelor degree in design from IIT Guwahati. In my quest for new avenues of interest, I have stumbled upon emerging tech-verticals including e-commerce, augmented reality, virtual reality and smart home. Out of which I have a particular interest in AR, VR & MR.

I believe that user centered design shapes the products into wonderful experiences. And adding suitable micro-interactions & animations makes it delightful. I approach each design problem as a new challenge to learn from. And it's iterative. Each time I am learning some thing new from the failure that I haven’t expected. My long term goal is to learn and specialise in some particular field of design and make some disruptive design innovation.

When I am not working, I enjoy playing football or video games. I’m currently based in Bangalore but originally hail from a small city of Calicut, Kerala.

I love playing
I’m an occasional
I enjoy riding
I'm a wonnabe

For me design is

User Centric
Data Driven

My journey so far...

Currently working with Swiggy on its Stores & Go chapters. Taken the complete design ownership of Swiggy Stores. Focusing more on research and iterations to solve for the hyperlocal delivery eco-system. Closely collaborating with product, teach, marketing, and business team.

Feb '19 - Present

Worked with Myntra on it's various product verticals. Got the chance to work on both consumer & partner facing products, online & offline experiences, native & react based products and conventional & experimental products.

Dec '16 - Jan '19

2strand is a competition-based platform connecting lab researchers and data scientists to solve real world genomic research problems.
I have been a part of the team in designing and defining product experiences.

Jun '16 - Oct '16

Core team member of Melzo. A start-up specialised in developing virtual reality and augmented reality based experiences. I got the chance to explore UX for virtual spaces and augmented world. Worked on new interaction/navigation paradigms for AR. Managed and headed the design team.

May '15 - Jul '15

Worked alongside the Amazon seller support team for solving problems on product listing tools and seller experience. My responsibility was to analyse the existing experience and to create a better intuitive tool.
Also worked on amazon seller app for incorporating desktop features and increasing user experience.

Jun '16 - Oct '16

Summer intern project - worked along side with the founding team of BetaGlide (a startup based on Bangalore) on their main website interface. The firm later was merged with a larger group to form retention.ai.

May '15 - Jul '15

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